Windows Phone 7.8 update release date could be within 2012

If the latest report is considerable, Windows Phone 7.8 could be released within 2012. Head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer hints that we will receive the update much earlier than the reported first quarter of 2013 launch rumor. He as well told Windows Phone 7.8 will not get Internet Explorer 10, which Windows Phone 7.8 did not support. However, It will be a big turn for legacy Windows Phone devices to be upgraded. 

Microsoft had constantly said the Windows Phone 7.8 launch would occur if the Windows Phone 8 release was done. Although no official release schedule has been found from Microsoft. Now the report appearing out about Nokia’s Asia-Pacific developer event in Singapore, where attendees were told that the Windows Phone 7.8 has RTM’ed this week, we should anticipate the update to be launched in a matter of days to weeks. But the report came from Head of Nokia Asia Pacific Developer so it does remain somewhat doubtful.

Windows Phone 7.8 update release date could be within 2012

Windows Phone 7.8 is a temporary solution and passing latest features to present Windows Phone devices, for example Nokia Lumia 800, as Microsoft settled on not to support previous windows phone devices when it released its latest Operating System.

Whether this is authorization of life beyond windows Phone 7.8 continues to be observed, but one thing is definite: Nokia appears to be creating a blast concerning Windows Phone 7.8 release, so we can think to see several achievements of aged Nokia devices. Microsoft created a promise of maintaining Windows Phone 8 handsets for at least 18 months after they’re launched, but it would be pleasant to observe it hasn’t forgotten about the customers it pulled towards with Windows Phone 7.


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