Verizon is Preparing for the release of BlackBerry 10 handset Z10

Research In Motion (RIM) will release BlackBerry 10 and its opening handsets that work by this OS on Jan. 30. One of those handsets is anticipated to be the Z10, and it appears as Verizon is arranging to present the handset shortly. A leaked image has shown that the BlackBerry 10 handset Z10 could be released to Verizon in 2 color variants – black and white.

At the starting of January 2013, a picture of the BlackBerry Z10 handset with Verizon logo came to us, which pointed to a probable release on Verizon. However, Verizon has already confirmed the launch of BlackBerry 10 handsets for its network but RIM and Verizon have continued tight-lipped on accurately which would be coming.
Verizon Shown Preparing for the release of BlackBerry 10 handset Z10

Now, a leaked photo from evleaks, plainly shows Verizon is arranging to release the BlackBerry Z10 in the coming days. The photo shows the BlackBerry Z10 and its branding on Verizon’s site. However, the page isn’t available at present on Verizon’s official site but we expect it will be available after RIM’s January 30th declaration.

Obviously, this isn’t clear evidence of the BlackBerry Z10 handset for Verizon but evleaks is a believable source.

BlackBerry Z10 will feature a 4.2-inch screen with 1280 X 768 pixels display resolution. The Smartphone will hold a 16GB of built-in memory capacity; it could have a microSD card slot for enlarged memory.