New iPad 5 release date set for September 2013

After the recent release of iPad 4, a new report has hinted that Apple will release another version of iPad named iPad 5, which is launching in September 2013. Apple’s 5th-generation iPad will arrive with improved design like the iPad mini and iPhone 5. Apple appears as a full of astonish company in these days so everything is probable.

New iPad 5 release date set for September 2013
Apple is supposedly working for a new iPad, the iPad 5 release date will take place in September of 2013

Apple’s market dominating 9.7-inch tablet is its 2nd launch of 2012. The company introduced iPad 4 beside a fresh 7-inch tablet iPad mini on last month. Tech forecasters are now expecting that the company will wait until September of 2013 for launching a complete-sized new iPad.

Asian news site Digitimes states that Apple’s parts makers are set to expose strong financial outcomes throughout the initial quarter of 2013, as an achievement of some latest prestigious releases which contain iPhone 5, iPad Mini and 4G-facilitated iPad 4.

And, if rumors confirm to be correct, they could anticipate enlarging their achievements even more with the release of a different iPad and iPhone device in 2013. If accurate, we should be finding reports of component manufacturing orders being put by Apple approximately February and March moment – just prior to the iPad 5 is anticipated to be launched.

The iPad 4 was made with advanced-features than the iPad 3; their appearance issues are pretty much equal, so we can hope Apple will continue to improve the appearance issues with upcoming iPad 5. The iPad 4 holds 4G connectivity, indicating the device can work with super-speedy mobile broadband connection also an A6X processor, which says to be doubling as speedy as the previous iPad. The iPad 5 is anticipated to have improved 4G-connectivity with the latest lightning connector available on the iPhone 5.

However, iPad 5 release date and design facts have come quite early and at present there is no detail found yet about its specifications. We have to stay a bit more for iPad’s specs. Meanwhile you can tell us, what would you desire get with the 5th-generation 9.7-inch iPad 5 tablet?


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