iPhone 5S or iPhone 6: What’s apple planning to Release in 2013

As the apple’s next product launch is reported to be in the mid of 2013, a query has appeared among the Apple’s lovers whether the company is arranging to release iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S. This rumor has risen for the reason that the company launched iPhone 4S when its admirers were expecting for the iPhone 5 release.

In previous month we’ve heard that manufacture tests of the upcoming iPhone might start within December. Industry experts then claimed that a new version of iPhone could be unveiled at WWDC in June of 2013, together with iOS 7. Additional report also hints that some apple’s component providers are expecting some excellent first quarter 2013 revenue outcomes previous to major Apple device releases in the mid-2013, supposed to be the next iPad and iPhone.

iPhone 5S or iPhone 6: What’s apple planning to Release in 2013

A Taiwanese newspaper claims that Apple will launch the test manufacture of the next iPhone from December beginning with 50,000 to 100,000 pieces. It’s broadly considered that rather than arrange for the expected name of iPhone 6, the upcoming version will be named as the iPhone 5S. Unexpectedly, this is not so insensible.  When Apple launched the iPhone 4S in October of 2011, there were rumors iPhone 5 will be the name of the upcoming device.

In continuing with this, positive forecasters consider that the upcoming iPhone will not be so diverse from the present iPhone 5, supplying a small update to the existing version as countered to a complete-level version successor.

Samsung, Apple’s main challenger in the mobile market, is extensively anticipated to launch the new model of its Galaxy S lineup in May 2013 and is previously appeared with some great features like improving display and processor. Though, Samsung has not announced anything for its arrangements for Galaxy S4 and similar to the next iPhone 5S it’s just rumors.