iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 Release date, price and specs rumors

The new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 are rumored to be launched in March 2013 – just 5 months after the most recent iPad announcement. Tech analysts think that Apple has modified it’s annually iPad launch schedule in order to introduce their tablets twice a year.

iPad 5 & iPad mini 2 Release date, price and specs rumors

 iPad 5

The upcoming iPad 5 is rumored to be thinner and lighter, possibly decreasing the width down to 7.2mm only. It’s like that this will be done by altering the LED backlighting, changing from 2 light bars to 1 in an effort to drop weight and those key millimeters.

Many analysts have thought Apple will utilize an IGZO display, which, also being much slimmer than existing displays, which wants 90% less power,  will boost battery life and touch reaction. The iPad 5 is as well reported to implement the design from the iPad mini. For the size of iPad 5, some analysts are claiming the size will be similar like before, just will be thinner. However some are hinting Apple will build a “wide-screen” iPad, similar to they built with the existing iPhone 5. But everyone has the same opinion about the processor that the iPad 5 will contain a A6X processor and a Lightening chip from Apple.

For pricing, Industry analysts are estimating that the iPad 5 price will start from $400, for 3G enable model price will be $500.

iPad mini 2

The iPad mini 2 has been specified as a refresh of the present iPad mini with the similar design, quicker processor and a better camera. However analysts are conflicting about the change on the screen resolution of iPad mini 2 – will it change or not? Some have supposed a new high-resolution retina display screen is expected to be a new walk for iPad 5. There are also rumors that the iPad mini 2 could come in 6 different colors with an improved processor to power the high-resolution display.

Some recent rumors pegged that a fifth-generation iPad and a second-generation iPad mini will come in March, which would be approximately six months after the release of iPad 4 and iPad mini and Apple would go on with a twice-a-year release schedule.