Hi Guess The Restaurant Level 2 answers

Looking for Level 2 answers of Hi Guess the Restaurant game app? Hi Guess the Restaurant is the most recent puzzle game from Man Zhang. Like others game by this app developer here also you have to guess the name by observe a shown photo and this time you have to identify restaurant name. You can enjoy the game on iOS Devices – iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch. Here we just included all the Hi Guess the Restaurant Level 2 answers, walkthrough, guides, cheats, solution, hints and tips for you to continue with the game. So if you get stuck, just use our solutions to move on for next lvl.

Hi Guess The Restaurant Level 2 answers walkthrough guides cheats & solution

2-4) Puzzle No. 4 # Five Guys
2-5) Puzzle No. 5 # Wendys
2-6) Puzzle No. 6 # Olive Garden
2-7) Puzzle No. 7 # Applebees
2-8) Puzzle No. 8 # Pizza Hut
2-9) Puzzle No. 9 # Burger King
2-10) Puzzle No. 10 # Dunkin Donuts
2-11) Puzzle No. 11 # KFC
2-12) Puzzle No. 12 # Taco Bell
2-13) Puzzle No. 13 # Sonic

Hi Guess The Restaurant Answers

Most people know most restaurants and if you unconfident while recognize a restaurant name, here you will get lvl 2 helps. Moreover, If you haven’t sufficient ideas about global restaurant names and got stuck in lvl 2 of this game, you can get here all answers of this fun game. Level 2 of this game only contains total 10 puzzle stages.