Firefox OS for Mobile demoed at CES 2013, release date could be soon

Mobile operating system Firefox from Mozilla is coming to take it’s position against Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Mozilla already made some declarations – notifying mobile users about the release of the Firefox mobile OS, which would be introduced in Brazil at first.

Now it looks that Mozilla desires to move forward with its Firefox operating system for mobile. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 event, The Company is showing off its mobile operating system on a mystery ZTE Smartphone.

Firefox OS for Mobile demoed at CES 2013

The most excellent feature of Firefox OS for mobile is, it is compatible with different Android powered devices, so everyone can check it by downloading. Firefox OS for Mobile is developed on HTML5 and contains CSS and Java Script — so most of the apps are basically websites. This indicates that app developer who desires to develop applications for Firefox OS will be capable to use again it on further OS platforms, such as iOS, Android and even on desktop platforms. Mozilla declares a Smartphone that works on Android is in fact slower than the unchanged Smartphone run on Firefox OS.

Firefox OS for Mobile demoed at CES 2013, release date could be soon

Mozilla does prepare to target further dominant Smartphones, but for currently it’s anticipating its manufacturing associates — ZTE was announced — to release Smartphones in South America and further rising mobile markets later this year.