Turn your computer into a home security watcher using EZVIZ app

If you are interested to turn your computer into a home or office security viewer, here’s a method to make it into security watcher to monitor your home or office safety. To start, you will need to select a home or office security camera app for your computer. Nearly all apps provides much of the equivalent services like cloud streaming, local streaming , record, save video footages in mentioned place and identify motion. Once you have installed, you will be capable to keep an eye on your place and manage your security cameras using pc from any location.

Despite lots of preferences to select from, one of the finest security camera apps is EZVIZ app. It’s a very helpful app that available totally free of charge. EZVIZ app broadcasts through cloud utilizing its service, thus you will capable to watch live streaming of your office and home to monitor from anywhere.

To setup security camera monitoring system on your pc just follow this guide and complete on you computer.


EZVIZ app is well-proficient to control your camera from any place at anytime. As it’s at all times vital to place cameras at offices, residences, stores and other places to stay away from any type of security fault. This camera app provides you the capability to monitor each type of activity at your home and office. EZVIZ app is available on every pc windows platforms, also its camera quality is astonishing and each single video is recorded to remain a follow record. It presents you the opportunity of setting an alarm in case of urgent situation.