Emoji Words Level 21 – 40 answers

Looking for Emoji Words level 21 – 40 answers? Here we included these entire puzzle solutions. The game shows 2 or more emoji icons in a puzzle to guess the words it meaning. Emoji Words by Emoji + is a recent popular game for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch. If you get stuck on any level, you can use our answers, cheats, walkthrough guides, hints, tricks, strategy, solutions and tips to continue with this cool game.

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Emoji Words Level 21 – 40 answers, solutions cheats, walkthrough, guides and hints

Level Number # 21 = Stop, Hammer Time
Hints: Open Hand, Hammer, red alarm Clock
Level Number # 22 = New Kid On The Block
Hints: Word New in icon, boy face, right arrow or white arrow pointing to right, building or dots in several lines
Level Number # 23 = Postal Service
Hints: Mail box, man or policeman in blue dress / mailbox and police
Level Number # 24 = Struck By Lightning
Hints: Hand Fist yellow thunder bolt / fist and lightning bolt
Level Number # 25 = Notebook
Hints: 2 black Music notes, red book with word VOL 1 at top
Level Number # 26 = Apple ID
Hints: green apple with leaf, word ID on a icon
Level Number # 27 = Chocolate Ice Cream
Hints: half opened chocolate, ice cream
Level Number # 28 = Time Is Up
Hints: red alarm clock, right arrow, pointing up finger of a hand
Level Number # 29 = House Cat
Hints: House with a big tree, open mouth Cat
Level Number # 30 = Book Worm
Hints: Red book with word VOL 1 at front page, green yellow worm / caterpillar / insect
Level Number # 31 = Gameboy
Hints: game Joystick, boy face
Level Number # 32 = Corn Bread
Hints: Corn, piece of bread
Level Number # 33 = Handbag
Hints: Open Hand showing stop sign, a bag or purse
Level Number # 34 = King Kong
Hints: yellow with pink circle crown, monkey face, angry face
Level Number # 35 = iTunes
Hints: black & white 2 eyes and 3 blue music notes
Level Number # 36 = Cat Nap
Hints: yellow cat face with open mouth, zzz zzz for sleeping
Level Number # 37 = Guns ‘N’ Roses
Hints: Two black guns / pistol / revolver + 2 roses or 2 handguns plus sign 2 red rose flowers
Level Number # 38 = Keyring
Hints: a yellow Key, diamond ring with blue diamond
Level Number # 39 = Camera Shy
Hints: Camera, Monkey holds eyes by hands
Level Number # 40 = Arm Wrestle
Hints: 2 arms – arm vs arm / muscle vs muscle

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Emoji Words Answers

Emoji Words is a great app for those who have an iOS device. Our Emoji Words Answers and helps contain all level solutions of this extremely enjoyable game. Our stage 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40 answers will help you beat and overcome these stages of this addictive and challenging game.