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WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform phone messaging application that lets users to send messages without having to pay for SMS charge. WhatsApp is offered for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Nokia and java-enabled phones. WhatsApp utilizes the internet data plan of phone that generally use for web surfing or email and there is zero expense to send message by this app. WhatsApp has an attractive standard user interface with a chat window for every running chat session. A smart function is creating group chats and being capable to share video and audio files. Using WhatsApp you can save an extensive amount of money on texting.

WhatsApp 2.11.7 is out with bug fixes for users who have iOS 4 and iOS 5 on their iPhone and crashed.

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WhatsApp 2.11.7 is now available for download from the iTunes and the new version of this app work again on iOS 4 and iOS 5. iPhone users can download WhatsApp 2.11.7 for iOS version 4.3 or later. Although the latest changelog talks about iOS 4 and iOS 5 as the involved operating systems, we’ve had found of iOS 6 and even iOS 7 running iPhone works well without bugs.

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