Change whatsapp number without losing group and contacts

How to change whatsapp number without losing group, chat history and contacts: You may want to modify your Whatsapp phone number and seeking a suitable way to change whatsapp number without losing chat history and contacts. You can do it very easily by only type and change your new number. By following this way you will avoid to lose your chat history and contacts data. Just follow the steps to find out how to complete it on Android and iPhone.

Change whatsapp number and keep chat history, group and contacts

Just follow these steps on your smartphone Android and iPhone to complete the processes and change your phone number without difficulty –

– Open WhatsApp on your device and move to Settings option.
– From Settings, just tap on Account.
– Then choose Change Number.
– You will get a screen where available some migration information.
– Now select Next button from top right corner.
– A new screen will appear where you need to you old and new phone number.
– After type, just select Next to save your migration or phone member.

Once it completed, your existing WhatsApp account will be changed to just submit new phone number.

What happens when you change your number on whatsapp

Once you switched to your new phone number, all your whatsapp data including account data, groups and settings will be transferred to your new number. Also your chat history and contacts data will be moved to the new number if you are logged using the same device.

If you like to change your whatsapp number using a different device without losing your data then you can backup your whatsapp data from old phone and restore data to new device.

This way will take care that you don’t misplace your valuable data while changing your Whatsapp number.