BlackBerry Messenger – BBM for android release date September 20

BlackBerry has just announced the BlackBerry Messenger – BBM for android app will get the official launch announcement on 20th September and app will go live for download from Google play store from 21th September. In the past days we got lots of release date rumors. But this time BlackBerry announced the app will launch at a press event in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 20th.

A lot of smartphone users used BBM from its starting, However Canadian Company BlackBerry has been going downward and many new smartphone users may never heard about this messenger. BBM has introduced some great features that no other messaging service did and it’s best messaging service in the world. Interested to use it on you android phone and tablet? Blackberry declares it will be available on Google Play from 7 AM EDT. Just liven up on Saturday morning and go Google Play for install BBM.

BlackBerry Messenger - BBM for android release date September 20

Let’s expect the date is right this time and the Canadian Company is arranging to make the official announcement in Jakarta. Are you energized? Do you believe BBM for Android can take a real battle with WhatsApp and other android messaging services to take a good position?