Apple iPhone 5S release date could be in June of 2013

Analyst Peter Misek declares that Apple will launch its next iPhone in June, around the moment of the WWDC 2013 event. Misek also claims that this upcoming model of iPhone will be named iPhone 5S, which will carry an improved camera, NFC features and multiple color preferences (6 – 8 different colors) like the iPod touch 5G. iPhone 5S could also arrive with an improved battery.

A previous story from China’s Commercial Times has stated that Apple will start trial manufacture of the upcoming iPhone 5S in December 2012 with primary production quantities probably from 50k to 100k pieces. Of course, the next iPhone 5S will be the improved edition of iPhone 5 in terms of specifications.

Apple iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 were launched around September October and the iPhone 3G and iPhone 4 introduced by Apple in the June-July time.

Apple iPhone 5S release date could be in June of 2013
Apple iPhone 5S will come in multiple-color options (6-8 colors), a new “super HD camera/screen, an improved battery

So we are getting an iPhone with NFC, multiple colors, improved camera and battery features. Misek as well declares that the display of iPhone 5S will be “SuperHD”. Remember that this analyst doesn’t point out about any particular sources and could be speaking based on what he is observing.

Now, something about predictions of Misek, In May 2011 when everybody was expecting for the iPhone 5 release, he predicted for the iPhone 4S release, which came as a correct prediction. So, his iPhone 5S guesses look like dependable.

Do you believe, Apple will apply the “5S” on the next iPhone’s naming or will move forward to name it iPhone 6?