Picture IQ guess the word game level 248 answers

Picture IQ guess the word game presented by K-Factor Media, LLC for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch), android phones and android tablets user. It is a word-based puzzle game that needs to put the proper word answer for shown 4 photos. The game will test your guessing capability. How to go beyond of level 248 of this game? Here we submitted the answers, walkthrough guide, help, cheat, solution, tips, and hints for the level 248 of the game -

Hinted photos description: blue bar and pie chart, red heart with person’s hand, drawing on a paper, blue shirt man touching multi-color bar by finger.

Picture IQ guess the word game level 248 answers and walkthrough guide

Level 248 Answer, help, cheats, solution, walkthrough guide


This game is outstanding for working out your mind. It encourage logistical trouble solving and assist to develop your abilities to explore, realize, explanation, run, and aid to widen trouble-solving skills. If you think this page is helping you to move on next while playing the Picture IQ guess the word level 248, please insert your comment at below. You as well can insert any inquiry here regarding level 248 -

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