Emoji Words Level 81 – 100 answers

By | September 22, 2013

Looking for Emoji Words level 81 – 100 answers? Here we included these entire puzzle solutions. The game shows 2 or more emoji icons in a puzzle to guess the words it meaning.

Emoji Words Level 81 – 100 answers, solutions cheats, walkthrough, guides and hints

81) Level 81 – Underdog
Hints: white Down arrow, Dog face

82) Level 82 – Show Me the Money
Hints: 2 Eyes, two hands from left and right pointing to a man, yellow money sack

83) Level 83 – Hog Wash
Hints: pink Pig, falling blue water from shower

84) Level 84 – Cat Lover
Hints: yellow cat, Yellow face with heart eyes open mouth

85) Level 85 – Cost An Arm and A Leg
Hints: A yellow money carrier bag, hand showing muscle arms black + plus sign show Boots

86) Level 86 – Silence of the Lambs
Hints: Monkey closing touching nose by hands, two sheeps

87) Level 87 – Power of Love
Hints: hand showing strong muscle Arms, red love heart

88) Level 88 – Jackpot
Hints: Gambling slot machine with 777 – three seven, money bag, money bag, money bag – 3 yellow money bags with $ dollar sign

89) Level 89 – Don’t Shoot
Hints: big red X and a gun or revolver pistol

90) Level 90 – Cutting Grass
Hints: red scissor, plant leaves, green yellow Grass

91) Level 91 – Pub Crawl
Hints: Building, 2 glasses of champagne beer, cocktail drink, cartoon man

92) Level 92 – Honeymoon
Hints: Yellow jar with falling liquid Honey, Moon like yellow face

93) Level 93 – Maneater
Hints: Lady Girl with red lips, spoon Fork Knife, Right arrow, Man

94) Level 94 – Fire and Ice
Hints: Fire flame + plus symbol snow or snowflake

95) Level 95 – Hot Chick
Hints: Burning Fire flame, Chicken outing from egg shell or Hatched chicken

96) Level 96 – Holy Water
Hints: Two hands together or praying hands with ray, a blue falling water drop

97) Level 97 – Moonwalk
Hints:  moon like yellow circle ball, two shoes

98) Level 98 – Botox
Hints: Injection syringe with 2 drops of red blood, old woman or Grandmother, Right arrow, Lady

99) Level 99 – Have Your Cake & Eat It Too
Hints: Right arrow, birthday cake with 3 candles plus sign + Fork spoon knife or cutlery

100) Level 100 – Peace Out
Hints: up 2 fingers of hand showing Peace sign, drawer & red up arrow as out symbol

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Emoji Words Answers

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