Emoji Pop Level 2 (Puzzle 10-24) Answers & cheats

Emoji Pop is a new game that developed for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch), android platforms. It is all about guessing the correct word that the shown emoji icons stand for. Here we inserted the answers, walkthrough guide, help, cheats, solution for the level 2 (puzzle no. 10 to no. 24) of the Emoji Pop game –

Puzzle Number # 10 Shell and blue Fish = (SHELLFISH)
Puzzle Number # 11 Green, red, blue – 3 Books and worm = (BOOKWORM)
Puzzle Number # 12 Yellow Moon and walking boy = (MOONWALK)
Puzzle Number # 13 Fire and a green white van = (FIRE TRUCK)
Puzzle Number # 14 Fire and alarm watch = (FIRE ALARM)
Puzzle Number # 15 red no sign and cigarette with smoke = (NO SMOKING)
Puzzle Number # 16 France flag and a tower on blue background = (EIFFEL TOWER)
Puzzle Number # 17 British/UK flag and a bridge on sky background = (LONDON BRIDGE)
Puzzle Number # 18 2 same photos of Liberty Statue = (NEW YORK NEW YORK)
Puzzle Number # 19 a woman and a bug = (LADY BUG)
Puzzle Number # 20 Toilet and paper = (TOILET PAPER)
Puzzle Number # 21 Slice of pizza and a box = (PIZZA BOX)
Puzzle Number # 22 Angry emoji, penguin and gray bird = (ANGRY BIRDS)
Puzzle Number # 23 Rocket flying and a fuel machine = (ROCKET FUEL)
Puzzle Number # 24 Sun and green battery = (SOLAR POWER)

Emoji Pop Level 2 (Puzzle 10 - 24) Answers & cheats

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