Clue Pics – Guess the Saying Answers

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying is a new android game app that developed by APPDREAMZ. The game is a newer edition of what’s the saying, which already got big popularity among mobile gamers. The game shows photo puzzle in six different categories – Sayings, Movies, Famous People, Landmarks, Brands & Cities and developed promised to add more categories. The game holds mind bending photo puzzles & hints to identify what’s in the shown photo. If you got stuck, don’t be anxious, because we have all level answers, cheats, walkthrough guides, solutions, hints, tricks, strategy and tips of Clue Pics – Guess the Saying for you to enjoy this game without losing any valuable time.

Clue Pics – Guess the Saying level 1 – 20 answers, cheats, walkthrough, guides, solutions, hints

Level Number # 1 (Famous People) = TOM CRUISE
Hint: Tom & crew crew crew crew – 4 times word crew
Level Number # 2 (Movie) = SKY FALL
Hint: Falling word sky with underline at below of sk
Level Number # 3 (Movie) = GOLDEN EYE
Hint: letter I in gold color
Level Number # 4 (Movie) = MEN IN BLACK
Hint: Shadows of 4 men & middle man wearing a black suit tie white shity
Level Number # 5 (Landmark) = NIAGARA FALLS
Hint: Falling word NIAGARA with underline under NIAG
Level Number # 6 (Movie) = THE DARK KNIGHT
Hint: Black pink white night – 3 times with a hand pointing to black night
Level Number # 7 (Landmark) = WHITE HOUSE
Hint: Black green white blue house – 4 times word house with hand pointing to white
Level Number # 8 (Famous People) = JUSTIN BIEBER
Hint: small just big ber & word just in b
Level Number # 9 (Saying) = FINGERS CROSSED
Hint: black finger and red finger crossed each other made letter X
Level Number # 10 (Saying) = BELOW PAR
Hint: Hand under word par
Level Number # 11 (Famous People) = JIM CARREY
Hint: man carrying a GYM marked yellow box
Level Number # 12 (Famous People) = RIHANNA
Hint: HANNA HANNA – 2 times word HANNA
Level Number # 13 (Saying) = SEARCH UP AND DOWN
Hint: word search at top with & at below
Level Number # 14 (Landmark) = BIG BEN
Hint: ben ben – small & big ben with hand pointing to big
Level Number # 15 (Saying) = AN OPEN MIND
Hint: open head man showing his brain
Level Number # 16 (Movie) = FINAL DESTINATION
Hint: Itinerary New York London Singapore Melbourne with down arrow with hand pointing to Melbourne
Level Number # 17 (Movie) = THE LION KING
Hint: King with crown and wand
Level Number # 18 (Landmark) = GREAT WALL OF CHINA
Hint: red text WALL with yellow star of china flag
Level Number # 19 (Movie) = AMERICAN PIE
Hint: US American flag in 3.1415
Level Number # 20 (Movie) = TOTAL RECALL
Hint: 2+1+4=7 sum 7 for 2, 1, 4 with call call – 2 times call

Clue Pics - Guess the Saying Answers

We just include first 20 stages of clue pics guess the saying and we will adding more within a short time. Obviously it’s a Challenging and fun game that will keep your engage for a long time.