4 pics 1 word 5 letter answers

Looking for all the 5 letters answers, cheats and helps for 4 Pics 1 Word game by LOTUM GmbH? The game is most popular photo puzzle game at present among iPhone, iPod, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch and android gamers.

All the 5 letters answers, cheats & solutions of 4 pics 1 word game

Level 1 – DRINK
Level 3 – SWEET
Level 8 – WATER
Level 11 – TRAIN
Level 14 – DIRTY
Level 16 – CROSS
Level 17 – ROUND
Level 18 – QUIET
Level 26 – CRANE
Level 30 – RIGHT
Level 41 – BLACK
Level 51 – MATCH
Level 58 – LIGHT
Level 59 – HEAVY
Level 61 – CATCH
Level 69 – TRUNK
Level 77 – CHEST
Level 80 – POUND
Level 84 – GREEN
Level 92 – ALARM
Level 99 – WHITE
Level 107 – MOUSE
Level 109 – FLOAT
Level 111 – STACK
Level 113 – SHELL
Level 117 – SLICE
Level 119 – BLUFF
Level 123 – PAINT
Level 132 – BUNCH
Level 139 – HOUSE
Level 144 – STICK
Level 146 – MUSIC
Level 151 – SPELL
Level 152 – SLEEP
Level 155 – ITALY
Level 156 – CRANK
Level 173 – WRECK
Level 177 – GLASS
Level 179 – SHAKE
Level 182 – CROWN
Level 185 – GRILL
Level 188 – CHECK
Level 191 – STAGE
Level 197 – STUFF
Level 198 – LINKS
Level 201 – FLUSH
Level 202 – SPRAY
Level 210 – SHAPE
Level 212 – TORCH
Level 213 – SCOOP
Level 214 – COACH
Level 215 – SMOKE
Level 216 – BLOCK
Level 218 – STATE
Level 222 – CRASH
Level 224 – DRAIN
Level 230 – SHOOT
Level 233 – GRAND
Level 234 – FLASH
Level 236 – PINCH
Level 237 – METER
Level 238 – RALLY
Level 241 – SPACE
Level 246 – TRACK
Level 248 – SCORE
Level 249 – CHAIN
Level 251 – GRAIN
Level 258 – CHARM
Level 264 – UPSET
Level 265 – PEDAL
Level 266 – BASIC
Level 268 – STRIP
Level 279 – BROOD
Level 282 – WOUND
Level 285 – STAMP
Level 286 – DREAM
Level 289 – PRESS
Level 291 – GUIDE
Level 294 – CLOCK
Level 297 – TEASE
Level 299 – SHARP
Level 303 – ALBUM
Level 305 – SEWER
Level 306 – NOVEL
Level 313 – BLOOD
Level 314 – JOINT
Level 317 – PRIZE
Level 321 – FRUIT
Level 327 – PARTY
Level 328 – SWORD
Level 330 – BEANS
Level 333 – CHAIR
Level 336 – PILOT
Level 339 – SNORE
Level 342 – GHOST
Level 343 – STINK
Level 344 – TOOTH
Level 346 – BRAIN
Level 348 – JAPAN
Level 349 – FUNNY
Level 353 – FROST
Level 357 – NIGHT
Level 362 – SALTY
Level 366 – POKER
Level 373 – CROSS
Level 375 – TRASH
Level 383 – GRACE
Level 384 – PRINT
Level 386 – GRADE
Level 400 – PATCH
Level 401 – LABEL
Level 402 – COLOR
Level 406 – CRASH
Level 410 – BRAVE
Level 413 – TITLE
Level 414 – PANEL
Level 416 – EMPTY
Level 417 – PIECE
Level 425 – SMELL
Level 427 – ROUND
Level 430 – UNDER
Level 434 – ENJOY
Level 436 – BREAK
Level 437 – FIZZY
Level 441 – BLANK
Level 442 – CROWD
Level 463 – HEART
Level 466 – PEACE
Level 472 – SHARE
Level 476 – PLATE
Level 486 – FIELD
Level 496 – PHONE
Level 502 – OPERA
Level 505 – APPLY
Level 521 – VIRUS
Level 544 – FOCUS
Level 555 – HINGE
Level 558 – ARMOR
Level 559 – TOUCH
Level 562 – MAGIC
Level 563 – CREAM
Level 565 – WHEEL
Level 570 – ENTER
Level 575 – SWING
Level 577 – BARGE
Level 579 – TIMER
Level 580 – SPILL
Level 583 – DRIFT
Level 584 – SPOON
Level 589 – WIRED
Level 591 – COUNT
Level 597 – COMIC
Level 598 – DUTCH
Level 599 – YOUNG
Level 600 – PRIDE
Level 602 – SLIDE
Level 609 – SCENE
Level 612 – RAISE
Level 613 – UNION
Level 617 – KNIFE
Level 622 – SPAIN
Level 624 – SCOUT
Level 627 – CLIMB
Level 636 – SOUND
Level 638 – GIANT
Level 639 – SWEEP
Level 640 – LINER
Level 650 – QUEEN
Level 653 – ARROW
Level 661 – VALUE
Level 668 – DRAFT
Level 671 – BADGE
Level 673 – TOXIC
Level 676 – SKILL
Level 681 – ROBOT
Level 682 – WHOLE
Level 683 – RINSE
Level 685 – FAITH
Level 687 – EXCEL
Level 690 – GUARD
Level 691 – CRISP
Level 693 – PLANE
Level 695 – WEAVE
Level 702 – BLEND
Level 709 – CHILD
Level 711 – SPEED
Level 716 – BENCH
Level 717 – SCALE
Level 718 – STAFF
Level 720 – TIRED
Level 722 – LEVEL
Level 732 – STING
Level 737 – CABLE
Level 743 – DRILL
Level 745 – BRAID
Level 747 – LADLE
Level 749 – STUNT
Level 752 – FLOOR
Level 757 – EXACT
Level 758 – ORGAN
Level 761 – SMASH
Level 763 – SCRAP
Level 764 – BOARD
Level 768 – PASTE
Level 774 – CARGO
Level 776 – PROOF
Level 777 – SIGHT
Level 778 – TOWER
Level 780 – HORSE
Level 790 – GORGE
Level 804 – AWARD
Level 805 – QUEUE
Level 810 – CRAFT
Level 812 – BASIN
Level 813 – ANGRY
Level 817 – BORED
Level 835 – CLEAN
Level 837 – CHINA
Level 841 – EQUAL
Level 844 – BLAZE
Level 851 – PANIC
Level 852 – TENOR
Level 858 – SCRUB
Level 878 – WIPER
Level 881 – DRAMA
Level 886 – CAPER
Level 891 – KNOCK
Level 893 – GREED
Level 897 – CLOWN
Level 901 – TWINS
Level 906 – HAPPY
Level 923 – SNAIL
Level 927 – ADDER
Level 928 – DRIVE
Level 934 – WORRY
Level 939 – THIGH
Level 940 – CHEAT
Level 949 – DRONE
Level 953 – ORBIT
Level 955 – CURVE
Level 962 – LAYER
Level 963 – DEATH
Level 964 – PLANT
Level 965 – IMAGE
Level 970 – RANGE
Level 973 – PITCH
Level 974 – LAUGH
Level 975 – TRICK
Level 976 – SPLIT
Level 979 – COAST
Level 984 – TRACE
Level 988 – FLOSS
Level 990 – BRACE
Level 998 – STYLE
Level 999 – BRUSH
Level 1006 – TOAST
Level 1011 – STRAW
Level 1016 – HABIT
Level 1027 – TABLE
Level 1034 – MAPLE
Level 1035 – SMEAR
Level 1037 – STAND
Level 1044 – FRAME
Level 1048 – GRAPE
Level 1059 – TEETH
Level 1076 – JUDGE
Level 1078 – BLIND
Level 1081 – THIEF
Level 1082 – STEEP
Level 1094 – VALET
Level 1098 – CROOK
Level 1104 – POINT
Level 1106 – STEPS
Level 1109 – SPEAK
Level 1110 – BREED
Level 1111 – MOUTH
Level 1116 – STEAK
Level 1118 – SUSHI
Level 1119 – FOUND
Level 1125 – DANCE
Level 1126 – CRUSH
Level 1131 – CRACK
Level 1133 – CYCLE
Level 1134 – CLICK
Level 1146 – COVER
Level 1147 – ALERT
Level 1149 – CLEAR
Level 1150 – DOUGH
Level 1156 – BLAST
Level 1157 – START
Level 1159 – ORDER
Level 1161 – LEARN
Level 1162 – RELAX
Level 1171 – TEACH
Level 1172 – CHEER
Level 1175 – BRIDE
Level 1182 – BREAD
Level 1184 – FLOUR
Level 1190 – THEFT
Level 1191 – CRIME
Level 1218 – LANCE
Level 1219 – SWANS
Level 1227 – CROCK
Level 1228 – CRAMP
Level 1233 – CREEP
Level 1242 – CRAWL
Level 1243 – CHOKE
Level 1248 – CURSE
Level 1249 – CHIEF
Level 1257 – DELAY
Level 1273 – DAIRY
Level 1276 – ENEMY
Level 1277 – ERROR
Level 1283 – AMUSE
Level 1284 – MESSY
Level 1289 – DODGE
Level 1290 – TOOLS
Level 1296 – TOUGH
Level 1299 – SUPER
Level 1303 – FLUID
Level 1304 – GLOBE
Level 1309 – EXPEL
Level 1319 – FEVER
Level 1329 – GREEK
Level 1333 – HOBBY
Level 1335 – HUMAN
Level 1343 – VALVE
Level 1344 – GROWL
Level 1352 – DECAY
Level 1356 – FLUFF
Level 1364 – SIEGE
Level 1370 – FLOOD
Level 1374 – APPLE
Level 1376 – EAGLE
Level 1378 – ZEBRA
Level 1379 – CHIMP
Level 1380 – HIPPO
Level 1383 – SHAVE
Level 1384 – SPOOL
Level 1388 – WHALE
Level 1394 – CHANT
Level 1395 – TIGER
Level 1399 – CAMEL
Level 1407 – HANDS
Level 1414 – WOMAN
Level 1444 – BEADS
Level 1453 – FANGS
Level 1457 – BOOTS
Level 1548 – PIZZA
Level 1575 – COUGH
Level 1576 – CLOTH
Level 1579 – BOATS
Level 1581 – BRAKE
Level 1582 – EVENT
Level 1583 – BURST
Level 1584 – BEAST
Level 1586 – FLOCK
Level 1589 – BOOKS
Level 1590 – CHESS
Level 1591 – BRICK
Level 1594 – DRESS
Level 1595 – BIRTH
Level 1597 – CLOUD
Level 1599 – BIRDS
Level 1625 – BRASS
Level 1647 – FRESH
Level 1688 – GEESE
Level 1700 – CRUEL
Level 1702 – CUBAN
Level 1703 – ALLEY
Level 1704 – ANGER
Level 1705 – CUFFS
Level 1708 – CRONE
Level 1711 – CRUDE
Level 1713 – CUPID
Level 1715 – CRYPT
Level 1716 – CUBED
Level 1717 – CRUST
Level 1718 – CUBES
Level 1726 – CURLY
Level 1727 – HUMID
Level 1728 – SUNNY
Level 1729 – COUCH
Level 1730 – CURVY
Level 1731 – ATTIC
Level 1732 – ONION
Level 1733 – POACH
Level 1734 – CURLS
Level 1735 – ROAST
Level 1736 – RAINY
Level 1737 – CURRY
Level 1738 – PANTS
Level 1739 – PORCH
Level 1740 – STEAM
Level 1741 – BROWN
Level 1742 – SHELF
Level 1743 – JEANS
Level 1744 – LUNCH
Level 1745 – SOCKS
Level 1746 – SHOES
Level 1747 – FOGGY
Level 1748 – SCARF
Level 1749 – SNOWY
Level 1757 – FENCE
Level 1760 – WINDY
Level 1802 – MOTOR
Level 1818 – MICRO
Level 1819 – SWEAT
Level 1825 – BILLS
Level 1834 – STORE
Level 1835 – CHALK
Level 1838 – SCREW
Level 1841 – FIRST
Level 1851 – STEAL
Level 1861 – THROW
Level 1883 – SYRUP
Level 1888 – CIGAR
Level 1897 – DIARY
Level 1899 – CARRY
Level 1902 – BOXER
Level 1906 – CLIFF
Level 1907 – FEAST
Level 1912 – ALGAE
Level 1914 – JUICE
Level 1922 – PLAIT
Level 1926 – ADMIN
Level 1930 – SHORT
Level 1931 – EXTRA
Level 1932 – WRONG
Level 1939 – LUNGS
Level 1941 – ROUGH
Level 1945 – WAIST
Level 1946 – PRAWN
Level 1958 – PUREE
Level 1961 – GUEST
Level 1962 – WATCH
Level 1963 – MARRY
Level 1965 – ROBIN
Level 1967 – PEARL
Level 1973 – FROCK
Level 1977 – BLUES
Level 1980 – AGENT
Level 1981 – OWNER
Level 1984 – TOMMY
Level 1985 – ELBOW
Level 1987 – HEELS
Level 1989 – SHADY
Level 1995 – MAFIA
Level 1997 – HENNA
Level 2001 – TROVE
Level 2003 – GROUP
Level 2006 – CODED
Level 2008 – TREND
Level 2009 – BATHE
Level 2010 – CARBS
Level 2011 – AISLE
Level 2014 – CHILL
Level 2017 – MUMMY
Level 2021 – MINER
Level 2023 – PEACH
Level 2024 – WHEAT
Level 2031 – SKUNK
Level 2037 – PIANO
Level 2042 – LASSO
Level 2047 – TUNIC
Level 2052 – BANJO
Level 2053 – POPPY
Level 2055 – BEACH
Level 2066 – SLASH
Level 2070 – TOTEM
Level 2071 – MANGO
Level 2078 – JUICY
Level 2080 – SPECS
Level 2084 – PATIO
Level 2086 – APRON
Level 2087 – FLESH
Level 2105 – SLURP
Level 2106 – TAILS
Level 2112 – STOVE
Level 2116 – CANOE
Level 2124 – DRAPE
Level 2126 – MOVIE
Level 2130 – POLKA
Level 2133 – LATTE
Level 2137 – BASIL
Level 2145 – TONGS
Level 2152 – PUTTY
Level 2153 – SHINY
Level 2155 – TUNER
Level 2156 – SHORE
Level 2168 – METAL
Level 2169 – THICK
Level 2172 – CHUNK
Level 2174 – KNEAD
Level 2186 – FLUTE
Level 2198 – AUDIO
Level 2201 – RADAR
Level 2207 – VEGAS
Level 2211 – MONTH
Level 2215 – CHASE
Level 2230 – LUCKY
Level 2232 – WITCH
Level 2234 – LATCH
Level 2235 – SPARK
Level 2241 – TREAD
Level 2243 – STEEL
Level 2244 – CLASP

4 pics 1 word 5 letters answers by picture hints

Hints:photo-1) woman drinking from cup, photo-2) woman drinking bottled water, photo-3) cat licking stream of water, photo-4) baby drinking from baby bottle
Hints:photo-1) colorful lollipops, photo-2) chocolate, photo-3) smiling baby, photo-4) puppy and kitten looking at each other
Hints:photo-1) water being poured, photo-2) spraying water against sun, photo-3) white figure holding watering can tending to a money tree, photo-4) shower head sprouting water
Hints:photo-1) Train Tracks, photo-2) Exercise Training, photo-3) 2 girls a guy and a computer, photo-4) boy holding one finger at a dog
Hints:photo-1) Bride and groom playing in a wet muddy field, photo-2) a lady doing laundry, photo-3) 2 dirty pgs, photo-4) someone riding a bike through mud
Hints:photo-1) A form marked x with a red pencil, photo-2) a red first aid box, photo-3) woman holding boy’s hand and crossing a street, photo-4) a cross
Hints:photo-1) A blue globe marked with destinations, photo-2) a pregnant belly, photo-3) a orange marble, photo-4) a basketball on an empty court
Hints:photo-1) A woman whispers into a man’s ear, photo-2) a little girl sleeping with her teddy, photo-3) someone tip-toeing in the dark with a flashlight, photo-4) a woman places a finger to her lips to “sshhh”
Hints:photo-1) A construction crane, photo-2) a construction crane, photo-3) 2 cranes flying left, photo-4) 2 cranes flying right
Hints:photo-1) A green and white arrow pointing to the right, photo-2) a justice balance beam with books and a judges hammer, photo-3) a man checks a box, photo-4) a girl gets A+
Hints:photo-1) A black owl, photo-2) 13 black in Russian roulette, photo-3) a black panther, photo-4) a man in black suit
Hints:photo-1) A lit match, photo-2) a line of unlit matches, photo-3) a woman plays tennis, photo-4) someone is playing tennis
Hints:photo-1) Daylight shines through a tree, photo-2) a light black and white picture, photo-3) 2 light bulbs, photo-4) sun light shines on a woman
Hints:photo-1) An elephant, photo-2) a heavy weight, photo-3) hamster is heavier than another, photo-4) pallet is pulled
Hints:photo-1) A man is fishing, photo-2) a boy diving for a baseball, photo-3) a mouse trap, photo-4) a man catches his baby
Hints:photo-1) A tree in the fall, photo-2) an elephant, photo-3) a dog in the back trunk of a car, photo-4) a child hugs a tree
Hints:photo-1) A man’s chest, photo-2) a wine chest, photo-3) a treasure chest, photo-4) a woman’s chest
Hints:photo-1) A pile of money, photo-2) a woman measures her waist, photo-3) piece of the England flag, photo-4) a scale
Hints:photo-1) A man in a green sweater and hat, photo-2) a jumping green crocodile, photo-3) a soccer ball on a green field, photo-4) a evergreen tree
Hints:photo-1) A alarm, photo-2) a ‘press the alarm’ sign, photo-3) a Doberman dog, photo-4) the alarm system is on
Hints:photo-1) A wedding photo, photo-2) a white car, photo-3) snowy mountains, photo-4) doctor
Hints:photo-1) A computer mouse, photo-2) a mouse, photo-3) some uses a mouse, photo-4) a mouse trap
Hints:photo-1) Giant blue gorilla float, photo-2) float, photo-3) two men floats in space, photo-4) man floats in space
Hints:photo-1) A stack on rocks in water, photo-2) a student carries a stack of books, photo-3) two people plays Jenga, photo-4) air emissions from two industrial exhaust pipes
Hints:photo-1) Tacos, photo-2) empty eggshell, photo-3) a mussel shell with a pearl, photo-4) chestnuts
Hints:photo-1) Cucumbers sliced, photo-2) sliced bread, photo-3) sliced cake, photo-4) sliced lemons
Hints:photo-1) View of the lake from high cliffs, photo-2) a man jumps between cliffs, photo-3) a man plays poker, photo-4) a man plays poker
Hints:photo-1) Painting a room orange, photo-2) rainbow paint colours, photo-3) a little girl painting, photo-4) painted hands
Hints:photo-1) A bouquet of daisies, photo-2) a ring of keys, photo-3) a bunch of grapes, photo-4) a bunch of flowers
Hints:photo-1) A construction man is building, photo-2) white door to a house, photo-3) attic windows, photo-4) inside a house
Hints:photo-1) A music conductor, photo-2) a witch with her broom, photo-3) a lady plays fetch with her dog, photo-4) drum band
Hints:photo-1) A girl listens to her headphones, photo-2) a music conductor, photo-3) DJ at a club, photo-4) music notes flying off the bar
Hints:photo-1) A witch practicing magic, photo-2) a voodoo doll, photo-3) the alphabet, photo-4) a prince frog
Hints:photo-1) A man sleeps at his laptop, photo-2) a baby sleeps in a swing bed, photo-3) a dog is sleeping in a bed, photo-4) a woman is sleeping in the yard
Hints:photo-1) The Colosseum in Italy, photo-2) a boat on waterways in Venice, photo-3) pizza, photo-4) the leaning tower of Pisa (white buildings)
Hints:photo-1) An arm with hand on a crank, photo-2) piece of metal (crankshaft), photo-3) Foosball table, photo-4) box with crank
Hints:photo-1) A car crash in a swap, photo-2) an old abandoned ship, photo-3) a plane crash, photo-4) old car pieces/parts
Hints:photo-1) Pouring a glass of water from a glass pitcher, photo-2) a scientist and this flasks, photo-3) cleaning the wind shield, photo-4) glass windows of a building
Hints:photo-1) Two people shake hands, photo-2) chocolate and fruit shakes, photo-3) a martini glass and a cocktail mixer, photo-4) a smiling woman wants to shake hands
Hints:photo-1) A golden crown, photo-2) a tree, photo-3) the head of Statue of Liberty, photo-4) outline of Queen Elizabeth’s head portrait filled with blue white and red stripes
Hints:photo-1) The front bumper of a red car, photo-2) a stake on the grill, photo-3) a man yelling and point at a woman, photo-4) some one is barbequing
Hints:photo-1) A man presses the green check mark, photo-2) a woman examines a sale item, photo-3) the king has fallen in a game of chess, photo-4) someone writes a check
Hints:photo-1) A horse pulling a coach at sunset, photo-2) gestation process of a baby, photo-3) red curtains, photo-4) spot lights
Hints:photo-1) A pile of dishes, photo-2) a stuffed turkey, photo-3) a man trying to close his suitcase, photo-4) a boy stuffing his mouth with spaghetti
Hints:photo-1) A man buttons his cuffs, photo-2) a broken link in a chain, photo-3) clicking on a web address, photo-4) person in black with index finger pointing to a dot in a network of white lines
Hints:photo-1) Grey bunny hugs brown bunny, photo-2) a royal flush, photo-3) flushing toilet, photo-4) money down a drain
Hints:photo-1) A man graffitis a wall, photo-2) a skunk, photo-3) a ocean, photo-4) mist from a bottle
Hints:photo-1) A woman jogging, photo-2) picture frames, photo-3) someone is doing pottery, photo-4) a triangle ruler
Hints:photo-1) A devil is holding a torch, photo-2) a pile of burning wood, photo-3) a man is running with the Olympics torch, photo-4) a lit match
Hints:photo-1) 4 flavours in an ice cream cone, photo-2) a newspaper, photo-3) a dog picks up after himself, photo-4) a ice cream treat
Hints:photo-1) A horse pulls a carriage, photo-2) links of a passenger train, photo-3) a tour bus, photo-4) a game plan
Hints:photo-1) Smoking a cigarette, photo-2) a girl with a red heart balloon in front of a smoky plant, photo-3) a type of salmon, photo-4) a camp fire
Hints:photo-1) Two people practicing karate, photo-2) buildings, photo-3) cheese and bread, photo-4) mother and child playing with blocks
Hints:photo-1) An ice cube, photo-2) the 50 states, photo-3) heating up a flask of liquid, photo-4) flag (pegs) on a globe
Hints:photo-1) A blue screen on a computer monitor, photo-2) two car crashes, photo-3) man plays drum set, photo-4) a crashed car
Hints:photo-1) Some pipes, photo-2) fixing the bottom of a sink, photo-3) a drain, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) A boy plays archery, photo-2) a boy kicks a soccer boy, photo-3) someone takes a photo, photo-4) a boy plays with his sling
Hints:photo-1) The grand canyon, photo-2) the lobby of a hotel, photo-3) a grand piano, photo-4) a computer game with a man and green fields
Hints:photo-1) A man takes a picture with flash, photo-2) a strike of lighting, photo-3) a drawing of lightening, photo-4) many lighting strikes
Hints:photo-1) A sprinkle of salt, photo-2) a boy pinches a girl’s cheeks, photo-3) some steals a phone from a woman’s purse, photo-4) a woman pinches her belly fat
Hints:photo-1) A measuring tape, photo-2) a parking meter, photo-3) an energy usage meter, photo-4) a electric meter reader
Hints:photo-1) A race car in the dirt, photo-2) a group of people, photo-3) a rally of people with picket signs, photo-4) two cars in the dessert
Hints:photo-1) An empty parking lot, photo-2) outer space, photo-3) a minor in a group of people, photo-4) a key board
Hints:photo-1) Foot prints in the snow, photo-2) a race track, photo-3) train tracks, photo-4) shoe tracks
Hints:photo-1) A basketball gets into the basket, photo-2) a sheet of music score, photo-3) an evaluation form with a smiling face a regular face and a sad face with boxes underneath and a cartoon green pencil with hands standing next to them, photo-4) letters carved out on a stone tablet or written on sheet of very old parchment
Hints:photo-1) Gear on a bike, photo-2) a bracelet on a woman’s arm, photo-3) flower wreaths on girl’s head, photo-4) falling dominos
Hints:photo-1) A piece of wood, photo-2) a bowl of sea salt, photo-3) grains of wheat, photo-4) grains of sand
Hints:photo-1) A woman’s side profile, photo-2) a piggy-bank with a gold coin in its mouth and a lucky charm behind his ear, photo-3) a 4 leafed clover, photo-4) a woman smiling in the sunlight
Hints:photo-1) A man is bothered by what he see from is laptop, photo-2) a man is knocked-out in boxing, photo-3) a man is angry at this laptop, photo-4) 2 (1 is ready to play hockey) man on the ice
Hints:photo-1) A man teaches child to ride bike, photo-2) a tire pump, photo-3) a woman controls the sound of a piano, photo-4) a woman sewing with a white machine
Hints:photo-1) A math equation, photo-2) a girl stares at he plate and water, photo-3) pH level indicator, photo-4) dictionary
Hints:photo-1) A beach, photo-2) plane is taking off, photo-3) different sized pieces of paper, photo-4) a woman in a red dress and a man undressing
Hints:photo-1) A girl cartoon character has toothache, photo-2) a row of young chicks, photo-3) a hen is sitting on her eggs, photo-4) to boys thinking
Hints:photo-1) Wrapping an elbow with rolling gauze, photo-2) scrape on the back of a hand, photo-3) a bandage on the sole of a foot, photo-4) a woman with a bleeding finger
Hints:photo-1) A post-marked stamp, photo-2) a collection of postmarks, photo-3) a set of foot prints in ink, photo-4) a man places a stamp
Hints:photo-1) A couple thinks of a home, photo-2) a woman is thinking, photo-3) a woman is sleeping, photo-4) the statue of Martin Luther King Jr.
Hints:photo-1) A manual juice presser outdoors, photo-2) a person holding a microphone and clipboard, photo-3) buttons on a machine, photo-4) printing press
Hints:photo-1) 3 girl guides, photo-2) a line of people hiking in the snow, photo-3) a business man and a woman listens to someone, photo-4) a couple in front of a church
Hints:photo-1) A stock watch, photo-2) a dandelion, photo-3) a woman points to her watch, photo-4) a clock in a church’s tower
Hints:photo-1) A blond woman’s hair is combed by someone else, photo-2) two kids make faces at one another, photo-3) three girls laugh, photo-4) a man and a woman’s hair is tied in a knot
Hints:photo-1) View through a pair of glasses is clear in a hazy background, photo-2) a razor leaves a red line, photo-3) knives, photo-4) a man is ready to shave
Hints:photo-1) Two woman looks at a photo album, photo-2) a cd, photo-3) the cover of a cd, photo-4) a pile of black and white photos on an open book
Hints:photo-1) A woman tailor, photo-2) water flows out of a pipe into a late, photo-3) someone is sewing with a machine, photo-4) pipe lines
Hints:photo-1) A little girl reads under her blanket with a flashlight, photo-2) a mans book comes alive, photo-3) parents reading to their kids, photo-4) the yellow crumbled paper jumps out from the rest
Hints:photo-1) Blood is running down a white canvas, photo-2) a mosquito is full from blood, photo-3) a vampire just finished feeding, photo-4) a person donates blood
Hints:photo-1) Someone is lighting a roll of marijuana, photo-2) a hand, photo-3) a wooden figure, photo-4) someone is grabbing their knee
Hints:photo-1) The #1 trophy, photo-2) the “BEST” ribbon, photo-3) a team wins a trophy, photo-4) someone wins a medal
Hints:photo-1) little kid eating a banana, photo-2) dark skinned woman smiling and holding up green apple, photo-3) a bunch of pineapples, photo-4) glasses of fruit juices surrounded by fruits – lemons, photo-5) orange
Hints:photo-1) children’s birthday party, photo-2) wine glasses with socializing people in background, photo-3) ladies dancing and drinking, photo-4) young women wearing birthday hats and blowing on party blowers
Hints:photo-1) bald man in black martial arts uniform holding up samurai sword, photo-2) pirate holding sword and gun, photo-3) alien/robot holding up a sword, photo-4) man in armor holding a sword
Hints:photo-1) green beans, photo-2) field of crops and two hands holding a bunch of round yellow seeds, photo-3) a sac of coffee beans spilling out onto a dish with a cup of steaming coffee, photo-4) beans with tomato sauce on piece of bread
Hints:photo-1) a bunch of chairs at some tables by the side of the road, photo-2) a smiling little girl with her chin on her folded arms leaning on the back of a chair, photo-3) a worn chair with slits on the seat, photo-4) a lime green chair against an old dirty wall
Hints:photo-1) a hat that’s a part of a uniform, photo-2) two people working on control panels, photo-3) a man in helmet and vision shield and a microphone, photo-4) a man in uniform holding up a toy airplane
Hints:photo-1) a sleeping elephant, photo-2) a guy sleeping and a girl plugging her ears, photo-3) a guy sleeping and a girl blocking her ears with the pillow, photo-4) a man sleeping on the sofa with his mouth open
Hints:photo-1) shadow of a person with hands on glass, photo-2) a ghost of a woman walking in the forest, photo-3) a cartoon ghost, photo-4) a child dressed up as a ghost with a blanket and two holes as eyes
Hints:photo-1) little girl holding her nose, photo-2) a bull dog lying beside a pair of feet wearing socks, photo-3) a skunk, photo-4) a man smelling his armpits and grimacing
Hints:photo-1) an opened mouth showing teeth with a missing tooth, photo-2) a cartoon tooth fairy, photo-3) toothbrushes of different colors, photo-4) tooth paste in white blue red squeezed out of the tube
Hints:photo-1) diagram of a brain, photo-2) a brain running the treadmill, photo-3) model of a brain, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) sign of a white hand in a “V” victory sign and a red circle, photo-2) mountain (Mount Fuji) and city (Tokyo/Osaka), photo-3) sushi on a plate and chopsticks, photo-4) woman wearing a kimono holding a paper umbrella standing under a tree with cherry blossums
Hints:photo-1) man and woman wearing 3-D glasses holding bucket of popcorn, photo-2) a clown, photo-3) a woman with tongue sticking out and hair streaming behind her, photo-4) woman having tea and laughing
Hints:photo-1) a tire driving through snow / icicles on car, photo-2) leaves with frost, photo-3) a snowflake, photo-4) a pool of water with trees that have snow on them
Hints:photo-1) a dog wearing a sleep mask with its paw on a clock, photo-2) the moon above the clouds, photo-3) a cartoon girl lying on the moon with stars next to her, photo-4) a street lamp
Hints:photo-1) salmon and spice, photo-2) potato chips, photo-3) a plate of salt chunks, photo-4) the ocean
Hints:photo-1) hand holding up a royal flush poker hand, photo-2) hand holding up 4 aces poker cards, photo-3) stacks of poker chips, photo-4) 4 guys playing poker
Hints:photo-1) little girl with fingers crossed on both hands behind her, photo-2) mother leading son across the street, photo-3) man looking mean, photo-4) flag with white cross and red background
Hints:photo-1) a bulldozer in work, photo-2) a truck pushing a mountain of garbage, photo-3) a full garbage can, photo-4) a combine working in the fields
Hints:photo-1) girl in ballerina dress, photo-2) a swan, photo-3) a girl dancing, photo-4) a woman in big red dress dancing
Hints:photo-1) yellow pink blue rollers, photo-2) papers with black words printed on them, photo-3) big rolls of paper, photo-4) set of print press letters numbers and punctation
Hints:photo-1) a girl holding up a folder with a paper that says “A+”, photo-2) a graduation hat and textbooks, photo-3) bunch of graduates throwing their graduation caps, photo-4) white figure in tie and briefcase walking up an upwards trending bar graph
Hints:photo-1) 3 grey bottles with one pouring black oil, photo-2) ashphalt being paved, photo-3) a bandaid on a crack in stone, photo-4) a girl with a black eye patch
Hints:photo-1) blue jean material with a brown label, photo-2) signs that say “Sale 50%” “GOLD Membership” “DISCOUNT 50%” and “TOP 10 Guaranteed”, photo-3) a record, photo-4) brown rectangular tags
Hints:photo-1) big patches of splashed colors and a woman on a ladder, photo-2) yellow pink blue rollers, photo-3) different color shades of hair, photo-4) lots of hands colored in different colors and smiling faces painted on them
Hints:photo-1) two cars crashed together, photo-2) a meteor approaching the earth, photo-3) a line graph that goes up and down and up and down again, photo-4) a plane that has crashed into the ground
Hints:photo-1) a gladiator in armor holding sword, photo-2) a firefighter going into the fire, photo-3) a lion, photo-4) a blunch of people waving their arms
Hints:photo-1) a woman dressed as royalty, photo-2) champion belt for wrestlers / boxers, photo-3) a book with the title “Knigge” in gold, photo-4) the “Daily News” newspaper
Hints:photo-1) some brown doors, photo-2) man giving thumbs up and man holding gavel and woman with arms crossed, photo-3) a cottage amongst the trees, photo-4) audio equipment of some sort
Hints:photo-1) A plate setting for 1 (dinner), photo-2) empty room, photo-3) an opened (broken) bird cage, photo-4) auditorium of (empty) red seats
Hints:photo-1) Cutting a piece of cake, photo-2) 3 pieces of chocolate, photo-3) 2 pieces of puzzle, photo-4) slices of pizza
Hints:photo-1) Kid sticks face into sunflower, photo-2) man tests his red wine, photo-3) woman spraying body spray (perfume) on herself, photo-4) a man with a clothes clip on his nose
Hints:photo-1) Ball (with flags of the world), photo-2) men in a boxing ring, photo-3) four (different) clocks (time), photo-4) men cheering (drinking) at a bar
Hints:photo-1) Under a bridge, photo-2) a man fixing a car (raised above his head), photo-3) a bra (red with white dots), photo-4) a map
Hints:photo-1) Woman lying in a green field with pink flowers, photo-2) a woman eats a bite of chocolate, photo-3) a woman in a sauna, photo-4) a couple getting a massage
Hints:photo-1) Man breakdancing, photo-2) a thief breaking a door (break and enter), photo-3) relaxing in a chair under the sun, photo-4) chip and spider crack window
Hints:photo-1) Bubbling blue liquid, photo-2) glass of fizzy white drink (clear), photo-3) tums in a glass of water, photo-4) a bottle of coke (pop)
Hints:photo-1) Four (4) pieces of white square paper, photo-2) a woman holds a black sign above her her, photo-3) a woman holds a blank speech bubble beside her face, photo-4) a blank sheet of paper on the wall
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of people moving really fast through the city, photo-2) paparazzi (or fans) with cameras, photo-3) group of people dancing (at a club/concert), photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Artichoke, photo-2) defibrillator, photo-3) ACE of hearts, photo-4) picture of the heart (atrium/ventricles/aorta, photo-5) etc)
Hints:photo-1) Peace sign, photo-2) ‘hippie’ bus/van with flowers driving through a rainbow, photo-3) a white dove, photo-4) person holds two (2) fingers up (peace sign)
Hints:photo-1) Elephant shares a bench with a dog watching birds, photo-2) kids fighting over a stuffed animal, photo-3) stocks performance, photo-4) pie chart (3 red pieces and 1 green)
Hints:photo-1) A piece of black wood (flat), photo-2) a plate, photo-3) a crack in the ground (covered with dried lava), photo-4) stamps
Hints:photo-1) Circling with red marker, photo-2) a soccer field, photo-3) a green (empty) field), photo-4) an island seen through binoculars
Hints:photo-1) Orange turn-dial phone, photo-2) black turn-dial phone, photo-3) black dial phone, photo-4) touch-screen (cell) phone
Hints:photo-1) Music sheet, photo-2) top of a string instrument (violin/cello), photo-3) theater, photo-4) white mask (half face)
Hints:photo-1) Wrapping a wrist with gauze, photo-2) man works on computer, photo-3) little boy applies sun tan/screen lotion to his chest, photo-4) resume under a magnifying glass
Hints:photo-1) Blond woman takes a hammer to her laptop, photo-2) virus (germs), photo-3) woman sick in bed, photo-4) mosquitoes
Hints:photo-1) Rainbow spirals, photo-2) sun shine on dew on blades of grass, photo-3) snap shot of lenses, photo-4) girl in glasses reads a green book
Hints:photo-1) Two (2) pictures of a door/cupboard hinge, photo-2) x-ray of an elbow, photo-3) person grabs their knee, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Army tank, photo-2) red shield (badge) on a green (computer) chip, photo-3) armadillo, photo-4) a knights armor
Hints:photo-1) Picture of two fingers almost touching, photo-2) a tablet and a touchscreen phone, photo-3) adult holds baby’s hand, photo-4) touchdown (football)
Hints:photo-1) Woman blows out butterflies, photo-2) hand in white gloves opens red curtains, photo-3) rabbit in a top hat, photo-4) spot light (blue)
Hints:photo-1) Pouring milk/cream, photo-2) a jar of cream and two (2) white daises, photo-3) a cows nipples, photo-4) a bowl of ice cream
Hints:photo-1) Wheel (of a bike), photo-2) a wood carriage (wagon), photo-3) changing wheel of a car, photo-4) a red scooter
Hints:photo-1) White key board, photo-2) pointing where to sign (signature), photo-3) brown wooden (front) door, photo-4) picture hanging on wall
Hints:photo-1) Girl on red swing, photo-2) black shadows dancing, photo-3) swinging metal balls, photo-4) playing golf
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon man is sick (green), photo-2) boat in the water, photo-3) man fallen of bike in winter, photo-4) man in black suit and tie slaps another
Hints:photo-1) Sand timer, photo-2) kitchen (cook) timer, photo-3) stop watch, photo-4) wrist watch
Hints:photo-1) Barrel leaking black oil, photo-2) spilled drink (black coffee/tea/pop) on white keyboard, photo-3) spilled red wine, photo-4) a glass of red wine overflowing
Hints:photo-1) White box stand covered in snow, photo-2) snow covered field, photo-3) hot air balloon in the sky, photo-4) snow-land by the waters (ice caps)
Hints:photo-1) A couple in bed, photo-2) eating spoons laid out, photo-3) ladle in a pot of soup, photo-4) wooden stirring spoons laid out
Hints:photo-1) Copper wire, photo-2) twisted metal (wire), photo-3) corded white mouse, photo-4) digital cables
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon Dracula, photo-2) woman counting change, photo-3) calculations, photo-4) man uses abacus to count
Hints:photo-1) POW, photo-2) 2 white dogs in shades and clown hats, photo-3) super hero in blue with red cape, photo-4) man with top hat, photo-5) a microphone and red and yellow sweater
Hints:photo-1) Pink with white tulips, photo-2) block of cheese, photo-3) a bike, photo-4) a mill behind a house
Hints:photo-1) White jar of lotion, photo-2) children whispering, photo-3) lion cubs, photo-4) baby chicks
Hints:photo-1) Girl in graduation gown, photo-2) athlete with white top and sweat band poses, photo-3) peacock fans his tail, photo-4) male and female lion
Hints:photo-1) Unzipping (or zipping) something, photo-2) a roll of film uncurled, photo-3) person holds a slide (specimen), photo-4) cartoon penguins slide down a hill
Hints:photo-1) Chalk outline of a dead person, photo-2) woman in red apron holds rolling pin, photo-3) sketches, photo-4) woman holds lights, photo-5) camera
Hints:photo-1) Woman stretching, photo-2) performance comparison by year, photo-3) man goes ALL IN at card game, photo-4) woman holds up her baby
Hints:photo-1) People picketing (striking), photo-2) United Kingdom flag, photo-3) couple gets married, photo-4) blue flag with a circle of yellow stars
Hints:photo-1) Pocket knife, photo-2) cartoon chef, photo-3) round roast (beef), photo-4) person holding a knife
Hints:photo-1) Woman in long red dress dancing with fan, photo-2) bowl of mussels and lemon, photo-3) bull chases red cloth, photo-4) bottle and glass of red wine
Hints:photo-1) Compass on a map, photo-2) topless man statue, photo-3) blue iris (eye) looks through eye hole, photo-4) cartoon scout (ranger?)
Hints:photo-1) Man climbs up a ladder, photo-2) woman rock climbing, photo-3) airplane is taking off, photo-4) people climbing up spiral stairs
Hints:photo-1) Water through the bays, photo-2) head phones (over the ear), photo-3) microphone, photo-4) string phone (empty cans and red string)
Hints:photo-1) Giant cartoon woman dripping small basket ball on the court, photo-2) giant boy wants to step on small woman, photo-3) whale in the deep blue waters, photo-4) small man stands and looks up at giant
Hints:photo-1) Raccoon sweeping, photo-2) man in tall hat carries ladder and gadgets, photo-3) woman sweeps floor, photo-4) cleaning a chimney
Hints:photo-1) Cruise ship, photo-2) tour bus, photo-3) airplane, photo-4) putting on make-up
Hints:photo-1) Playing chess, photo-2) woman wins pageant, photo-3) queen bee, photo-4) cartoon woman (queen of hearts)
Hints:photo-1) Performance arrow (going down), photo-2) arrows in bulls eye, photo-3) man can go in 3 direction, photo-4) icon can choose between left or right side (blue or green arrow)
Hints:photo-1) Currency value goes up, photo-2) boy hugs his teddy, photo-3) house for SALE, photo-4) a big bundle of money
Hints:photo-1) Comic, photo-2) mug of beer, photo-3) pointing out the red icon person amongst a line of black ones, photo-4) rolls of drawings (floor plans)
Hints:photo-1) Man in suit with name tag and red file folder, photo-2) cartoon policemen shows badge, photo-3) scout badges, photo-4) sunglasses pin
Hints:photo-1) Spraying flower with pesticide, photo-2) snake, photo-3) industrial emissions, photo-4) man wears (gas) mask to examine something
Hints:photo-1) Kids (boys) playing soccer, photo-2) woman solves math question, photo-3) man play violin, photo-4) boy play chess
Hints:photo-1) Army tank, photo-2) electric sander, photo-3) cartoon robot, photo-4) monarch butterfly lands on finger of robot
Hints:photo-1) Wedding couple cuts cake, photo-2) a carton (box) of milk, photo-3) wheat, photo-4) 100% sign
Hints:photo-1) Woman showering, photo-2) person washing carrots, photo-3) person washes their hands, photo-4) washing Brussels sprouts
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon woman falls backward into man, photo-2) nun praying, photo-3) hands clasp, photo-4) colourful flags hang from tower?
Hints:photo-1) XLS file, photo-2) man in suit points to bar graph rising, photo-3) collecting of winning metals, photo-4) horse races (jockeys)
Hints:photo-1) Rottweiler, photo-2) parries dog, photo-3) lit fireplace, photo-4) solider in England
Hints:photo-1) Head lettuce, photo-2) Cesar salad, photo-3) deep fried fish/chicken, photo-4) couple walking in the snow
Hints:photo-1) Man is building the roof of a house, photo-2) airplane in the sky, photo-3) inside an empty plane, photo-4) shaving wood (to make more even)
Hints:photo-1) A woman braided her hair, photo-2) 2 people boxing, photo-3) a woman weaving, photo-4) a basket of apples
Hints:photo-1) Reptile (camellia), photo-2) blender of oranges, photo-3) painters tray, photo-4) coffee grinder machine
Hints:photo-1) Little boy dresses up and plays pilot, photo-2) little boy jumps into the air, photo-3) a baby sleeping, photo-4) a child sleeps in-between his/her parents
Hints:photo-1) Person running past in a blur, photo-2) car driving fast, photo-3) man runs at the tracks, photo-4) person snowboarding
Hints:photo-1) Bench press, photo-2) wood shaving, photo-3) a bench, photo-4) football helmet
Hints:photo-1) balance scale, photo-2) man on top of a ladder, photo-3) ruler, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Stick leaning against the bars (handrails on the wall), photo-2) employees at a call center, photo-3) scepter, photo-4) professionals (doctors, photo-5) nurses
Hints:photo-1) Yellow icon yawning, photo-2) man getting ready for bed, photo-3) woman yawing from reading, photo-4) person turns off alarm clock
Hints:photo-1) Level (builder’s tool), photo-2) cars on racks in a warehouse, photo-3) Tetris, photo-4) rainbow prism
Hints:photo-1) Prickly hair on stem of a plant, photo-2) mosquitoes, photo-3) getting a needle shot, photo-4) fish at bottom of ocean
Hints:photo-1) Insulated cable, photo-2) electrical cord (green) plugged into the wall, photo-3) sky ride, photo-4) electrical (magnetic) field
Hints:photo-1) Army men standing in line, photo-2) man is drilling, photo-3) dentist and assistant, photo-4) construction crew uses jack hammer
Hints:photo-1) brunette woman with glasses, photo-2) braided ropes, photo-3) marine’s cap, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Metal ladle, photo-2) pouring hot something hot to be molded, photo-3) man serves soup, photo-4) glass ladle
Hints:photo-1) Digital icon performs tight rope walking, photo-2) bike daredevil performance, photo-3) man hikes through desert, photo-4) riding a red motorcycle through flames
Hints:photo-1) Grey hard wood floor, photo-2) wooden floor/fence, photo-3) 2 pictures of someone pressing elevator buttons, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Dart to bulls eye, photo-2) man holds stop watch, photo-3) boy trims grass, photo-4) man inspects shoe
Hints:photo-1) Piano at church, photo-2) person playing a piano, photo-3) left and right side of a brain, photo-4) the human heart
Hints:photo-1) Broken window, photo-2) tennis bowl, photo-3) painting of the HULK, photo-4) broken ceramic bowl
Hints:photo-1) Apple core on the floor, photo-2) total lost in car collision, photo-3) scrap piece of white paper, photo-4) junk yard (landfill)
Hints:photo-1) Snowboarder, photo-2) skate boarder, photo-3) professionals sitting at a long table, photo-4) person stands in front of black board
Hints:photo-1) Ctrl, photo-2) C, photo-3) & V keys of a keyboard, photo-4) making a sauce recipe, photo-5) toothpaste on toothbrush
Hints:photo-1) A transporting bike, photo-2) a skid of boxes, photo-3) a skip of crates, photo-4) transport by means of truck or plane around the world
Hints:photo-1) Green rubber boots, photo-2) an inspector (Sherlock Holmes), photo-3) magnifying a finger print, photo-4) crime scene findings (number tags)
Hints:photo-1) Effie Tower, photo-2) man looks through binoculars, photo-3) iris of a woman, photo-4) ranger with a rifle
Hints:photo-1) toy castle, photo-2) a grown-up holds the hand of a little kid, photo-3) a stack of books, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Woman stands in front of her horse, photo-2) performing gymnastics, photo-3) a rocking horse, photo-4) knight (chess piece)
Hints:photo-1) Man stuffs his with plain pasta, photo-2) water fall, photo-3) adams apple of a person’s throat, photo-4) person moving really fast?
Hints:photo-1) 2 people shake hands, photo-2) a plack (85), photo-3) a trophy, photo-4) a man in suit holds a trophy
Hints:photo-1) People standing in line (crowd), photo-2) a woman with a speaker headset, photo-3) cars backed-up in traffic, photo-4) printing at a printer
Hints:photo-1) Satellite above earth, photo-2) female chef, photo-3) scissors and cut paper, photo-4) woman designing something
Hints:photo-1) Waterfalls, photo-2) ceramic water fountain, photo-3) ceramic bowl, photo-4) ceramic sinks
Hints:photo-1) Angry lion, photo-2) a woman’s head covered with smoke, photo-3) a man takes hammer to his laptop, photo-4) a red bull
Hints:photo-1) Girl in red pouts (is bored), photo-2) woman yawns, photo-3) man is upset at ironing clothes, photo-4) student sleeping in class
Hints:photo-1) Woman cleaner, photo-2) cleaning the bathroom sink, photo-3) woman shows off her smile (teeth), photo-4) cleaned dishes
Hints:photo-1) Dragon, photo-2) Great Wall of China, photo-3) Chinese Zodiac, photo-4) a hostess
Hints:photo-1) Balance of rocks, photo-2) hands counting 2, photo-3) 3, photo-4) 4, photo-5) cut-out of people joining hands (blue and yellow)
Hints:photo-1) Apartment on fire, photo-2) fire with black smoke, photo-3) camp fire, photo-4) house on fire
Hints:photo-1) Man is presented with stacks of work, photo-2) woman is screaming scared, photo-3) couple wakes up late from bed, photo-4) cartoon woman jumps on green chair (scared)
Hints:photo-1) Copper (iron) statue of a man, photo-2) a man in tuxedo with open arms, photo-3) binoculars on music sheet, photo-4) violin saxophone and a clarinet
Hints:photo-1) Person in green scrubs, photo-2) a person mopping the floor, photo-3) green lotion/cream, photo-4) spa items
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a car with wipers on, photo-2) washing a car, photo-3) close-up of a wiper blade, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) People in dress up, photo-2) masks, photo-3) red curtains, photo-4) Chinese play (theater)
Hints:photo-1) Man wearing a red nose, photo-2) kids making faces at one another, photo-3) fitness class, photo-4) capers (spice)
Hints:photo-1) Strike (bowling), photo-2) knock-out (KO in boxing), photo-3) woman knocking on a door, photo-4) 1 man knocks out another in boxing
Hints:photo-1) Man wears $ sign glasses, photo-2) man stuffs his face, photo-3) a baby stuffs its face, photo-4) a woman stuffs her face
Hints:photo-1) 4 pictures of clown, photo-2) , photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) 4 picture of twins, photo-2) , photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Boy at his laptop, photo-2) woman holds her camera, photo-3) woman in scrubs, photo-4) a couple in tank top and jeans
Hints:photo-1) 4 picture of snails, photo-2) , photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) 3 pictures of snakes, photo-2) using a calculator, photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Driver in a car, photo-2) hammering a nail, photo-3) driving a golf cart, photo-4) fixing/installing digital (hard drive) ware
Hints:photo-1) Woman massages her temple, photo-2) woman’s face in her palms, photo-3) 2 women looks away from each other, photo-4) man is stressed
Hints:photo-1) Topless woman in jeans, photo-2) roast chicken legs, photo-3) woman rubs her left thigh, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) Man with a pocket full of money, photo-2) woman crosses her fingers behind her back, photo-3) kids blowing at a golf ball, photo-4) couple in bed
Hints:photo-1) A bee collecting pollen from flower, photo-2) a boy plays with airplane, photo-3) an airplane, photo-4) a swarm of bees (or other insects?)
Hints:photo-1) Earth with orbit rings around it, photo-2) an eye ball, photo-3) planets close by the sun, photo-4) satilite station above the earth
Hints:photo-1) Man in lab coat examines performace curve, photo-2) blue and grey curve, photo-3) a woman on the beach, photo-4) a ben in the road
Hints:photo-1) 3/4 of a globe showing its inner core (layers), photo-2) a women dressed for a chilly day outside, photo-3) a chak, photo-4) lasansga
Hints:photo-1) Skeleton head and cross bones, photo-2) a reaper, photo-3) a red flower, photo-4) a cemetery
Hints:photo-1) Taking/placing money in a blue bag/pocket, photo-2) power lines/towers in front of an industrial plant, photo-3) a woman holding 2 pots of plants, photo-4) a pot of plant
Hints:photo-1) Woman putting on make-up, photo-2) a lap top, photo-3) 2 men, photo-4) a man holding binders thinking of 2 couples
Hints:photo-1) Full shopping cart in a grocery store, photo-2) gas tank near empty, photo-3) a chicken runs across lawn, photo-4) archery boards (target)
Hints:photo-1) A soccer field, photo-2) a man in suit with open arms, photo-3) kids playing baseball, photo-4) a man presents to a team professionals
Hints:photo-1) a yellow icon lauging and pointing, photo-2) LOL painted on a woman’s face (mouth), photo-3) a girl is laughing, photo-4) a man is laughing
Hints:photo-1) Man (waiter) with smoke coming off his palms, photo-2) man kicks soccer ball, photo-3) woman playng cards, photo-4) people dressed up (for halloween)
Hints:photo-1) Chopping lumber, photo-2) a woman plays with her hair, photo-3) a banana split, photo-4) a woman stretches
Hints:photo-1) Car in motion, photo-2) penisila of an island, photo-3) water brushing to shore, photo-4) man on invisible hammock
Hints:photo-1) Cartoon man inspects footprints, photo-2) person holding a holding knife, photo-3) person walking in barefeet leave foot prints, photo-4) magnifying glass over a fingerprint
Hints:photo-1) Making cotton candy, photo-2) a woman flosses her teeth, photo-3) floss and a toothbrush, photo-4) red string/ribbon
Hints:photo-1) Person with braces (mouth), photo-2) wearing a black knee brace, photo-3) man in construction doubles over and holds head, photo-4) a crank of sort
Hints:photo-1) Dresses on model’s, photo-2) a woman with red mohawk, photo-3) a woman dressed up, photo-4) a pink sofa
Hints:photo-1) Brushing a dog, photo-2) a brush (comb), photo-3) brushing teeth, photo-4) a cartoon fox
Hints:photo-1) Toaster, photo-2) toasted bread, photo-3) champange bottle cork pops, photo-4) cheersing (celebrating) over meal
Hints:photo-1) Multi-coloured straws, photo-2) scarecrow, photo-3) bamboo mat, photo-4) rolls of hay
Hints:photo-1) Washing hands, photo-2) smoking, photo-3) woman twirls her hair, photo-4) man bites fingers
Hints:photo-1) Spreadsheet (columns) of numbers, photo-2) departure times, photo-3) empty dinning table, photo-4) elemental table
Hints:photo-1) Red tree growing out of a palm, photo-2) orange/green maple leaf, photo-3) stack of pancakes covered in syrup, photo-4) collecting sap from a tree
Hints:photo-1) Babu with food all over its face, photo-2) spreading butter on heart shaped bread, photo-3) rubbing lotion on back, photo-4) a child plays with paint
Hints:photo-1) Woman shows her laptop, photo-2) a white counter/stand, photo-3) crowd with picket signs, photo-4) food at the market
Hints:photo-1) woman makes frame with her hand/fingers, photo-2) a picture frame (gold), photo-3) 11 picture frames on the wall, photo-4) a man carries a large picture/painting
Hints:photo-1) 2 bottles+ a glass of white wine, photo-2) grape vineyard, photo-3) purple/blue grapes on the vine, photo-4) a bunch of red grapes
Hints:photo-1) a dog snarls/barks, photo-2) silver gears, photo-3) dentures, photo-4) before and after whitening of a person’s teeth
Hints:photo-1) golden judge’s mallet, photo-2) judge holds balance scale+book, photo-3) a judge reads a blue book, photo-4) statue of justice
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a person blind folded, photo-2) a black lab (guide-dog), photo-3) braille that says WELCOME, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) person steals from a man’s red bag while he is asleep purple icon pick-pockets blue icon, photo-2) thief steals blue car, photo-3) a robber steals a brown purse, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) man in orange shoes climbs mountain, photo-2) a steep mountain, photo-3) person scales (climbs) a mountain, photo-4) dipping tea bag
Hints:photo-1) clothes laid out, photo-2) butler is helping you put on your jacket, photo-3) cleaning a car (steering wheel), photo-4) parked red car
Hints:photo-1) person does ‘COME HERE’ motion with finger, photo-2) a man smoking cigar, photo-3) a thief hides behind door, photo-4) a Sheppard and a herd of sheep
Hints:photo-1) lip liner (pencil crayons), photo-2) father+mother+a child at the beach, photo-3) a female mine points to her right, photo-4) a finger points ahead
Hints:photo-1) 2 pictures of a curved stairway, photo-2) steps made from stone, photo-3) man with a step ladder in the waters uses binoculars, photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) person hold blue corded phone to a dog perking his ears, photo-2) orange icon speaks/stands out amongst grey one, photo-3) 2 white icons converse, photo-4) a white icon behind a podium speaks
Hints:photo-1) 2 horses, photo-2) piglets feeding from mother pig, photo-3) 6 dogs, photo-4) lion+lioness+cub
Hints:photo-1) woman gets teeth checked, photo-2) pictures of smiles, photo-3) picture of where river joins ocean, photo-4) man in glasses with dropped jaw
Hints:photo-1) 4 pictures of a steak (1 beef plated, photo-2) 1 beef on the grill (broiler), photo-3) 1 beef rare, photo-4) 1 chicken cooked)
Hints:photo-1) fish (salmon), photo-2) sushi rolls, photo-3) sushi on a platter, photo-4) 5 pairs of chopsticks
Hints:photo-1) person picks up an open wallet, photo-2) message in a bottle on the beach, photo-3) man bends down to pick something up, photo-4) dog sits on welcome mat that says HOME
Hints:photo-1) a girl dances, photo-2) 2 pictures of a person (woman) doing ballet, photo-3) , photo-4)
Hints:photo-1) a man crushes a pop can, photo-2) white van flies over the head of a person, photo-3) a crowd of people in the streets, photo-4) crushed metal in a junk yard
Hints:photo-1) hammer to pigging bank, photo-2) cracked (broken) smart phone, photo-3) a robber opens safe, photo-4) crack in the wall (or on the ground)
Hints:photo-1) man riding his bike, photo-2) person fixing a bike, photo-3) recycling symbol (steps 01, photo-4) 02, photo-5) and 03)
Hints:photo-1) 3 woman playing cards, photo-2) using a TV remote, photo-3) using a computer mouse, photo-4) 2 types of cursors
4 pics 1 word 3 letter answers